Responsive <canvas> elements

tl;dr – If you want responsive canvases to be a part of your RWD website, use scrawl-canvas. The Responsive Web Design (RWD) Wikipedia article defines RWD as: … an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience – easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing,… Read More »

Scrawl-canvas v5.0.4

Apologies for not keeping this blog up-to-date The latest version of Scrawl-canvas – version 5.0.4 – was released earlier this month I will try to be a better blogger in future, using this site to explain and evangelise the <canvas> element Enjoy! Click click …

What is Scrawl-canvas?

Hi! My name’s Rik and, for the past 2 years, I’ve been developing a JavaScript library called Scrawl-canvas. What is Scrawl-canvas? My short answer is that it’s a JavaScript library designed to make using the HTML5 <canvas> element a bit easier, and a bit more fun! Which begs the question: why does the <canvas> element… Read More »

Scrawl 4.1 now in the wild

January’s been a busy month, with both Scrawl 4.0 and then 4.1 making an appearance. Scrawl 4 is a root-and-branch rewrite of the code base, thus (unfortunately) making it incompatible with previous versions – though I reckon the upgrade is worth it: more functionality across the board; better filters; better video support; tweens that support… Read More »

Scrawl.js version 3.1.0 released

Time for another update! This time around, I’ve been working to make Scrawl behave more responsibly with memory. In particular, I’ve recoded the entire library to be much less wasteful, reusing stuff wherever possible instead of discarding stuff and generating new stuff. Performance seems to have improved, so all the work was worth it. I’ve… Read More »

Scrawl.js version 3.0.0

It only seems like last month that I was upgrading Scrawl to v2 … oh, wait! Anyways, Scrawl has reached Version 3. Why the massive jump from v2 to v3? Mainly because Scrawl.js has gone modular! That’s right. From now on, you only need to include the relevant modules in a web page to get… Read More »

Scrawl.js Version 2.00

Scrawl.js version 2.00 has escaped the lab and is now roaming the wilds of the internet. Available from GitHub and (hopefully) SourceForge. New features Everything is better! Better, more regular sprite positioning. Better collision detection. New animation system. New physics engine. New approach to handling CSS3 positioning and animations. New this, new that! Everything runs… Read More »

Blog housekeeping

In case anyone was wondering, I’ve just deleted most of the example posts. I have good reasons for doing this … Scrawl.js is about to be released into the wild! Scrawl is moving to version 2.00. That’s quite a jump for a library that had only just made it to v1.04, but the changes to… Read More »

Why <canvas>?

I’ve been playing around with the HTML5 <canvas> element for the best part of a year. I love it: it truly is the best thing since sliced bread. And yet I also find myself wondering … why? Why did the standards writers feel that HTML needed a canvas element? What purpose does it serve? The… Read More »

Hello world!

All good blogs should start with a ‘Hello World’ post. It sets the scene for what is to come, what is to be expected, from a blog. It supplies the purpose, the morals – even the tone – which the blogger hopes s/he will be able to stick to as the early excitement wears off… Read More »