Scrawl.js Version 2.00

By | 2 March, 2014

Scrawl.js version 2.00 has escaped the lab and is now roaming the wilds of the internet. Available from GitHub and (hopefully) SourceForge.

New features

  • Everything is better! Better, more regular sprite positioning. Better collision detection. New animation system. New physics engine. New approach to handling CSS3 positioning and animations. New this, new that!
  • Everything runs a lot faster. Seriously.
  • Cross-browser support (as far as possible). Including the ability to get CSS3d stuff working on Internet Explorer and other browsers using the same code.

Also new

  • Tutorial re-written from scratch
  • Better, more responsive Tour page
  • Completely new documentation section on the website
  • All demos rewritten, with code displayed on demo page
  • Coming soon – a new sponsors page


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