Monthly Archives: April 2014

Scrawl.js version 3.1.0 released

Time for another update! This time around, I’ve been working to make Scrawl behave more responsibly with memory. In particular, I’ve recoded the entire library to be much less wasteful, reusing stuff wherever possible instead of discarding stuff and generating new stuff. Performance seems to have improved, so all the work was worth it. I’ve… Read More »

Scrawl.js version 3.0.0

It only seems like last month that I was upgrading Scrawl to v2 … oh, wait! Anyways, Scrawl has reached Version 3. Why the massive jump from v2 to v3? Mainly because Scrawl.js has gone modular! That’s right. From now on, you only need to include the relevant modules in a web page to get… Read More »