Scrawl.js version 3.0.0

By | 6 April, 2014

It only seems like last month that I was upgrading Scrawl to v2 … oh, wait!

Anyways, Scrawl has reached Version 3. Why the massive jump from v2 to v3? Mainly because Scrawl.js has gone modular!

That’s right. From now on, you only need to include the relevant modules in a web page to get Scrawl to run. Which means a massive reduction in the download size, from 190kb down to less than 60kb for the core file.

The supporting modules are all much smaller, from between 2kb (for Block sprites) up to 22kb (for Scrawl stacks functionality).

This does mean that a Scrawl enabled website will be making more calls to the server to get several JavaScript files instead of just one file. But Scrawl has you covered there, too, as it now comes with a built-in module loader that will load the files asynchronously for you!

More details about Scrawl modules can be found over on the Tutorial Page.

And just to complete the goodness, the new version of Scrawl comes with a new tweening object, to help make animations even easier. Again, the Tutorial Page includes more information, and some demos, to get your tweens rolling.

This does mean that the latest version is likely to break existing Scrawl canvases – though the damage should be relatively easy to fix.


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